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Toolbox Genomics, Inc.

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ToolBox Genomics (TBG) analyzes DNA results and makes recommendations focused on dietary and lifestyle changes that may help reduce risk of chronic conditions. TBG develops consumer and professional products under the brands; WellnessPro, Healthcare Pro and Home DNA. TBG’s evidence-based, actionable Health Action Plans™ ("HAP") are based on extensive review of over 15,000 PubMed ( HAP reports cover multiple domains including nutrition, supplements, exercise, lifestyle, and further testing. The Company's HAP plans were earlier based on generic data from tests conducted by other companies. TBG also provides training classes and an accredited certification course¹ to help healthcare and wellness professionals integrate genetics into their everyday practice.


Transaction Description

Seeking to raise ~$2.0 Million in Convertible Notes to provide for research & development, sales & marketing, and G&A expenses of the Company.

US Capital Global Securities


Market Size

According to a study by Grandview Research, the global DNA testing market is anticipated to reach $10.04B by 2022². One of the major factors accounting for this growth is the growing consumer demand for personalized healthcare. In corollary, the Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing market is expected to reach $611M by 2026³ (19.4% CAGR from 2018). However, once the consumers receive their test report, they lack the understanding of how to use the results to better their lives. TBG intends to fill this gap, it turns the results into informative, user-friendly, lifestyle action plans for individuals.

Target Market & Strategy

ToolBox is targeting health-conscious consumers and those that influence the decisions of such consumers including wellness and healthcare professionals such as health coaches, personal trainers, dieticians and nutritionists, health and fitness clubs, etc. The company uses a multi-channel strategy to reach its targeted audience.

US Capital Global Securities

Competitive Analysis & Advantage

Several companies currently offer consumer genetic tests for a variety of purposes. The most popular tests use genetic variations to provide information about common traits, offer clues about a person’s ancestry, and make predictions about health. The competition is divided into three groups.


Business-to-Business Professional Products

The Company provides the following products that include a DNA test kit and one Health Action Plan. Individuals can choose multiple test/reports under the plans.

US Capital Global Securities

Besides the above, ToolBox will also provide food and pet sensitivities tests under the white label "Home DNA" in pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and others.

Business-to-Consumer Products

Empower – Called the “jumpstart package,” this option is designed to give consumers an overall view of 37 genes that influence their health
Thrive – To support weight loss, Thrive provides a comprehensive analysis of 22 genes, giving consumers personalized guidance on how to achieve their healthiest weight
Nourish – Designed to eliminate food confusion with a full analysis of 50 genes related to health and nutrition. Nourish helps consumers optimize diet and nutritional supplements to achieve ideal nutrition
RunDNA – For runners and other endurance athletes, RunDNA is focused on enhancing performance. This app provides a complete breakdown of 47 genes that are crucial for training, performance, nutrition and recovery for all endurance athletes.

White Label Products Opportunities

• MAKER’S MARK – Owned by Jim Beam Bourbon
      • White labelled kit for Taste preferences.
      • Delivered February 2018 for internal sales.
• DNA Diagnostic Center – One of U.S. Largest Independent CLIA/CAP accredited labs.
      • White labeled kit for Food Allergies & Pet Dander.
      • Selling through Walgreens-CVS-Kroger- Rite Aid
• Nutridyn Midwest, Inc. – Pilot covers 6 U.S. States
      • Developed Customized Health Action Plan™
      • Selling through licensed healthcare professionals.
• OC Marathons – Affiliated with 19 other Marathons in the U.S.
      • Marketing agreement promoting TBG through multiple marathons (in U.S.)
• Perkin Elmer – Pilot
      • Healthy Genome Product - White Label

Services – Overview

Training Courses & Classes: TBG provides fitness and other wellness professionals training classes to integrate DNA testing into their practice, enabling them to cut down on trial and error and create a truly personalized plan for each of their clients. It also offers an accredited certification course for healthcare and wellness professionals. The courses are provided under the following programs:

  • The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
  • Institute for Functional Health Coaching
  • MedFit Network
  • Resources and training solutions


Didier G. Perez, CEO
Didier was co-founder & COO of Eureka Genomics and the COO & CFO of Investigen. He has over thirty-five years of experience in starting and managing early stage ventures, primarily focused on genomics and molecular diagnostics.

Erika Gray, PharmD, CMO & Co-founder
Erika received her PharmD from UCSF. She has been a pharmacist at a Level I trauma center for the past 6 years and has 10 years of alternative medicine experience.

Elvina Hewitt, RN, MBA, COO & Co-founder
Elvina received her BS in Nursing from New York University. She received her MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business with a focus on entrepreneurship. She has been an Emergency Department RN at SFGH for the past 9 years.

Gary Greinke, CRO
Gary has a proven record of success assisting clients in the design and implementation of wellness programs and benefit designs to activate, engage and sustain health behavior change to improve health, lower costs and improve productivity. Gary has an extensive knowledge of the health care market including health plans, employers, labor, employee benefit consultants/brokers, pharmacies and the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Jessica Knurick, PhD, RDN, Director of Clinical Product & Education
Jessica is a registered dietitian and received her Ph.D. in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness. She was an Assistant Professor of Nutrition at UNLV where she conducted research on preventive health strategies and personalized approaches to reduce risk of chronic disease. She has been conducting research and working with individual clients in preventive health for 8 years.


Eureka Genomics, a company co-founded by the CEO of TBG, developed a technology which drastically reduced the cost of DNA sequencing, which was sold in 2015 for 15 times revenues to Affymetrix. Companies like Illumina, Thermo Fisher and Fluidigm will all be potential acquirers.

ToolBox Genomics Health and wellness products represent attractive acquisition targets for large diagnostics and healthcare companies wanting to integrate a suite of genetic tools for distribution to its own customers such as PerkinElmer.

Nutraceutical companies such as Xymogen and Metagenics who provide dietary supplements to licensed healthcare practitioners are eager to incorporate genetic tools as part of their portfolio of products and would be potential acquirers of TBG.


Historical & YTD

US Capital Global Securities


US Capital Global Securities


Below mentioned Risk Factors are not exhaustive and the list is only indicative of most significant risks.

    • Risk of Loss of Investment
    • Competition in a highly competitive market
    • Early Stage of Development
    • Limited Availability of Funds; Need for Additional Financing
    • Demands of Growth
    • Intellectual Property
    • Uncertainty of Assumptions and Financial Projections
    • The Notes are Unsecured
    • Lack of Liquidity
    • Dilution
    • No Tax Guidance; These are Complex Tax Matters
    • Risk of Defects
    • Third Party Products
    • Rapidly Changing Technology; Delays
    • Open Source Software
    • Third parties may claim that the Company infringes their intellectual property rights
    • Security vulnerabilities could lead to reduced revenue, liability claims or competitive harm
    • Improper disclosure of personal data could result in liability and harm the Company’s reputation
    • Management risk: loss of key founder scientists or CEO
    • Legislative and policy risk regarding DNA sequencing and data sharing
    • Procurement risk for DNA sequencing technology
    • Research risk
    • Capability risk regarding timing and scale

* Annual interest of up to 8%, payable at maturity
1. As stated on company provided website,


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